Local Missions

Second Baptist Ministries

For more information on the following ministries or to get in touch with the director of a particular ministry, please contact the church office at (501) 332-2624.

Home From the Hospital Meal

Home from the hospital meals, or the Meal Train, is a ministry in which we as a church family serve to provide meals for our members who have been in the hospital due to major surgery, a major injury, serious illness, or birth/adoption of a baby. This helps our members who live alone or have family members that work and need help with meals temporarily. A couple years ago, we started using MealTrain.com to organize meals so that volunteers will be able to see which dates are available to provide and deliver meals, as well as restrictions, allergies, and preferences of the recipient. It allows you to see the meals that other volunteers are providing so that none are duplicated. If you aren’t able to cook or deliver a meal, but would still like to provide one, you may purchase a gift card or donate money to the Benevolent fund. If you do not have access to the Meal Train, just contact Cathie Tillery at the church office and she will sign you up to provide a meal. If you are not able to deliver the meal, please let Cathie know so that she can make the necessary arrangements for the delivery.

Food Pantry

Food Pantry operates two days a month for an hour each day. We gather canned and boxed food items with emphasis on nutritional balance. Every client receives an amount of food directly proportional to the amount of people in that household. We make every effort to make perishable items available when possible. How often a client should be allowed to seek help is as often as needed. There is no good reason to turn people away because they have been helped recently. Ministry volunteers aid in the distribution of food on days the food pantry is open. In addition, volunteers are needed to help unload and set up the boxes that are to be handed out before the food pantry is open. Usually the set up takes place on a different day than the day food is distributed.

First Step Malvern

We are blessed to have First Step Malvern, an organization that works with special needs children and adults. Second Baptist has formed a great relationship with these folks and is so blessed to have the opportunity to show them the love of God.

Birthday in Box - Once a month, we celebrate birthdays with the adult center, giving every adult that has a birthday in that month a birthday in a box. If you want to truly give and receive a blessing, we would love to have your help.

Thanksgiving Banquet - Every year we invite the First Step adults and their families for a Thanksgiving feast. We need people to help with serving, socializing, and clean up. You will not go away sad if you come help give these families a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Christmas Banquet - First Step Malvern also has living facilities for those adults who are able to live on their own but need a little help from time to time. For these great people, we host a Christmas Banquet, providing gifts and a meal with all the trimmings. Again, we need you to help with serving, socializing, and clean up. Come help us share the love of Christ.

Christmas Shoe Boxes - Throughout the year, we collect shoe boxes from all of our members. We fill each box with small gifts, then we fill a trailer full of several hundred boxes and give every First Step participant a shoe box full of gifts. So save your boxes, bring them to the church or mark your calendar, and help us deliver a Christmas Shoe Box.

Local Student Outreach

This outreach is designed to help meet various physical and spiritual needs of the coaches, band directors, staff and students of our local school districts. This covers a wide array of meal times and devotionals for different events. During the school year, this ministry stays busy bringing the message of Jesus to these students. We provide breakfast and a devotional every Friday morning. Every other Wednesday at the Malvern field house, speakers are set up to bring a devotional and pizza. We also feed the Malvern football team every Friday game night and bring in a speaker to deliver the message.

Foster and Adoptive Family Outreach

This ministry's main goal is to meet the foster/adoption crisis in Hot Spring County head-on. In addition to fostering and adoptive needs, we also strive to play a preventative role in keeping children out of the system. We go about this in many ways. Namely, supporting local DCFS, school counselors, provisional placement situations, fictive kinship placements, fostering families, adoptive families, and various resource provisions.

This ministry works directly with foster and adoptive families in our county. Within our local schools, opportunities have risen to support teachers and other first line of contact professionals in handling fictive kinship placements. Even our local DCFS caseworkers know that they have a resource through this ministry. Our church has set up a Resource Closet to house items on hand for when needs arise.

Reach One
Director: Danny Jones
Purpose: to encourage and fellowship with those dealing with the effects of addictive lifestyles through a warm meal. This ministry takes place twice a month.


Multiplied Ministries partners with the Hot Spring Country Drug Court to help provide individuals in these programs with the household items they need as they try to build their lives and homes. Through this ministry we have been able to reach people and families that we may have never crossed paths with before. Alleviating the stress of acquiring furnishings for a home is one way we can help the individuals of the Hot Spring County Drug Court focus on more crucial areas of their lives.


At Second Baptist Church, there are several opportunities to worship and serve through music. Some of these opportunities include singing with the praise team, playing instruments in the band, and working in the sound booth. In addition, we have opportunities to get your children involved in music as early as 3rd grade. We have a kid’s praise team that practices throughout the month and helps lead on certain Sundays. If your child has a desire to learn an instrument or can already play an instrument, they can assist in the music on Wednesday nights and eventually Sundays. Music is an intricate part of corporate worship. God has gifted many people with talents in singing or playing an instrument. Our music program attempts to make an avenue for church members to use these talents.